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Buccaneers Field Lacrosse 

With a field lacrosse season running from September-January, lacrosse players can play some kind of lacrosse for most of the year in BC.  Registration opens for field when box registration closes.


There are 10 players on the field at once: 3 attackmen, 3 mid-fielders, 3 defensemen and the goalkeeper.  Substitutions are done on the fly, mostly for the midfielders who play the entire length of the field.  Attackmen will generally remain on the offensive half of the field while the defensemen (long poles) will remain on the the defensive half.  Players may exchange positions as long as another player remains in the area as a temporary replacement.  Unlike box lacrosse, there is no time requirement to take a shot - so the team can maintain control of the ball for as long as they can. 


As players discover their uniqueness, they develop into role players and learn to find positions on the field where they are most effective.


Cross checking is not allowed, and body checking is allowed only when a player is within 9 feet of the ball.  The stick may be used to stick-check another player, but use of the stick to contact another play-er's arms or body is not allowed.  Penalties vary in length from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds, and are served on a stool near the scorekeeper.  

U9 Ages 8 and 9
U11 Ages 10 and 11
U13 Ages 12 and 13
U15 Ages 14 and 15
U18 Ages 16, 17 and 18



Vancouver Island Youth Field Lacrosse League : Web Site